Blackwoodstock festival is the only music festival which provides a campsite to fully enjoy the weekend. Don’t drink and drive !


The campsite is a peaceful spot where festival warriors enjoy a well-deserved rest, night and day. If you like singing, playing the guitar or the jembe, feel free to do it outside the campsite limits.


For this edition, the party continues at the electro-rock stage with a non-stop set until 6am followed by breakfast at the Bakery.


During the festival, Blackwoodstock campsite becomes the biggest campsite in New Caledonia, that’s why the safety rules below will have to be respected :


- No campfire.

- No vehicle inside the campsite (no motorbikes / campervans will have a dedicated area).

- No firearms.

- No alcohol (Two bars and a wine bar will be available inside the campsite and opening hours will be scheduled).


The campsite access will be authorised to campsite bracelet holders only. Campers will access the campsite through checkpoints.


For further questions, please read the FAQ section of the website.


This year, a tent decoration contest will be organised. Members of a jury will move around and check out tent decorations. Cool gifts to be won !



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