BlackWoodstock Festival Fifth Edition


BWS Rock & Arts Festival is a happy mix of :


- Music : rock, punk, acoustic music…

- International guests

- New Caledonian artist performances

- Festival-goers of different ages and from all sorts of backgrounds


In short, a cool, relaxed, open-minded festival with strong Caledonian roots and a strong will to have fun in the bush, far from the lights of the city but closer to the stars.


This year, we’re asking the festival-goers to be particularly watchful : apparently, a bunch of a male and female youngsters aged 15 to 65 have decided to join in. They’ll be dressed-up as festival-goers (pink fluorescent wigs and clown glasses) and we’ve heard that they plan to get in the festival to communicate a spirit of love and euphoria, a spirit of community, joy, well-being and derision. We recommend the highest care as they may well be contagious. So, please, help us find them, get to know them and buy them drinks in moderation.


Get ready to live the wildest weekend of your life ! It’s not just camping, rock and culture. It’s a weekend of Euphoria !


Jean-Marc Desvals and the BlackWoodStock Festival staff.

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