The festival is named after the legendary Woodstock festival and the black woods that can seen on the western coast of New Caledonia. It is set at Teremba Fort, in Moindou (South Province), every September and it’s organised by the non-profit Blackwoodstock association.


An army of passionate volunteers work hard for the festival to become the main annual cultural event in New Caledonia. They’re  preparing an amazing 5th edition !




























Every year, it is a magic and euphoric out-of-time weekend for friends and families. The festival is set in a wonderful historic site beautifully run by the Marguerite de Moindou association. Since 2015, music and art performances have been shown and since 2016, local comedians have joined in. A custom ceremony, a psychedelic village, restaurant stands, happenings, and a closing ceremony with a burning cow will surprise you during a weekend full of discoveries.




The Blackwoodstock festival is proud to be able to grow up every year thanks to its volunteer community which allows festival-goers to discover local and international artists who can perform in optimum conditions in a great historical site.

Living together, looking outwards and respecting this unique environment between the mountain and the sea are also the festival’s ambitions.

We’re happy this festival is part of the local and international cultural landscapes and that it is known as a place where high quality artistic performances are being held, a place where people can meet, exchange and share moments of euphoria.





Euphoria : we want to put a happy smile on the festival-goers’ faces.  Expect stupid, surprising and off the wall animations.


Respect : We cherish love, friendship and mutual respect. A discreet security staff  will make sure people will respect each other as well as this unique natural site.


Surprise : Organising the promotion of music and art in an embellished environment is our main objective.


Community : a successful event can only be the result of a strong community spirit before and during the festival.




































The access to the festival stages will be allowed with the festival pass. The campsite access will be authorised to campsite bracelet holders only.


Alcohol and bottled drinks are strictly prohibited within the festival, so are the animals, (except cows !).



The very big stage :


It’s next to the campsite, right behind the food village. This stage will host the headlining artists as well as a few local bands. Concerts will start at 4pm on Friday and at 10 am, on Saturday. Bring your seats, sarongs and mats.


The big stage :


It’s facing the great Teremba Fort stands. This stage will host international artists but above all local bands. Concerts will start at 4pm on Friday and at 10 am, on Saturday. Bring your hats and caps.


The not so big stage :


It’s under the CHAPITÔ association tent. This stage will mainly host local bands. At the end of rock concerts, electro rock gigs will be played all night long, on Friday and Saturday.


The Circus Tent :


Happenings and comedian performances will be held under the tent, at the heart of the psychedelic village.


The Pshychedelic Village :


Around the circus tent, the psychedelic village will offer association stands, arts and crafts.


Teremba Fort :


Will be closed to the public and only opened to artists and volunteers.


The Bakery :


Open for breakfast and artists’ exhibitions.

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